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Chronic Pain


Understanding the cycle of pain is the first step towards achieving relief from chronic pain.  Our treatment protocols are aimed to get you better faster and relieve your pain.  Pain may be physical or mental/emotional or spiritual. Treating the original injury may or may not be the first thing on the priority list. The cycle of pain is broken down as follows:

  • Trauma typically initiates the pain cycle by way of a memorable event that negatively impacts your well-being and function.

  • Primary Dysfunction occurs after a dramatic experience while the body attempts to heal. The initial healing process is typically thwarted by over-the-counter medications and quick-fix treatments which prevent the body from healing completely.

  • Initial Compensation occurs when the body then compensates for the injury with traits such as a limp or avoiding situations that cause pain.

  • Accelerated Tissue Damage then takes place and is not treated well by traditional means. Gadgets and pills, followed by surgical interventions are suggested as treatment, whereas regenerative medicine seeks to rebuild the damaged tissue.

  • Secondary Injuries are a series of injuries that occur in a snowball effect over time as a result of compensation coupled with accelerated tissue damage.

  • More Compensation occurs over time which perpetuates the pain cycle.

Chronic Pain Cycle

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