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Physical Therapy

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If you experience an accident or an injury or undergo surgery, physical rehab can speed up the recovery process and reduce the risk of complications. At Achieve Wellness Medical Center, the team uses physical therapy to help people improve their range of movement and quality of life. To make an appointment, call the office in Columbia, Missouri, or click the online booking feature today.

Physical Therapy Q&A

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy promotes, maintains, and restores health through physical examination, diagnosis, prognosis, patient education, physical intervention, rehabilitation, disease prevention, and health promotion. Most people come to physical therapy to help relieve acute pain from an injury or chronic constant pain from repetitive activities, failed surgeries, or old injuries. The pain has interfered with their daily lives and is looking for a solution to their pain.

At Achieve Wellness Medical Center, Dr. Sachs works with people of all ages to develop custom physical therapy plans. Her years of training and expertise ensure positive outcomes and lasting results. 

What conditions can benefit from physical therapy?

At Achieve Wellness Medical Center, the team uses physical therapy to treat various conditions, including

  • Sports injuries
  • Tennis elbow and carpal tunnel
  • Musculoskeletal dysfunction
  • Post op rehabilitation
  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Joint, back and neck pain
  • Return to your prior level of function

You might also benefit from physical therapy if you recently underwent orthopedic surgery. Physical rehab can restore your range of motion and reduce the risk of failed surgery syndrome. 

What happens during a physical therapy consultation?

At Achieve Wellness Medical Center, a physical therapy consultation begins with a review of your medical history and a discussion of your symptoms, including where they occur, their severity, and if activities like exercise or work make them worse.

Next, your provider conducts a physical exam. They check your reflexes, muscle strength, range of motion and flexibility and assess your gait and posture. Your provider might also gently press on the affected areas of your body to pinpoint areas of swelling or sensitivity.

After making a diagnosis, your provider develops a custom rehabilitation treatment plan. Often, that includes routine visits to Achieve Wellness Medical Center, at-home exercises, and activity modification.

How long will I need to participate in physical therapy?

The length of time you need to participate in physical therapy depends on various factors, including the issue treated and the severity of your symptoms. 

Treatment of serious injuries and chronic conditions can take three months or more, while soft tissue injuries typically improve within six to eight weeks.

What are the benefits of physical therapy?

Participating in physical therapy at Achieve Wellness Medical Center offers various advantages, including:

  • Reduced need for opioids
  • Fall prevention
  • Reduced need for surgery
  • Recovery from injury, trauma, or work pain
  • Improved balance

To see if you can benefit from physical therapy, make an appointment at Achieve Wellness Medical Center by calling the office or clicking the online booking feature today.